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AHM singer's masks are proudly Kiwi made with a comfortable fit. They are suitable for adult Singers, Performers, Teacher and Directors.

The structured, triple layered design creates a private breathing space around the mouth so everyone can be heard, and breathe, sing and talk easily.

They are washable and reusable and reduces the risks associated with COVID-19, colds and flu. Our face masks are non-medical grade and has no standard, however, they are recognised as an essential item to help protect you and those around you.

What makes them great?

  • Space around the mouth allows for comfortable speaking and singing
  • Ability to breathe without sucking the mask into your mouth
  • Allows full jaw release when singing/speaking without slipping down
  • Flexible nose bridge wire for a snug fit
  • Adjustable ear straps
  • Gentle hand wash. Hang to dry. Iron set to 'low' setting (see instructions below)

Made from triple layers on all 3 panels: Outer layer - 100% black cotton, Middle layer - sewn in filter, Inner layer - 100% cotton (randomly selected print).

Available in 3 sizes - see SIZE GUIDE

NOTE: If you require a mask in another colour (other than black), feel free to browse the available fabrics from our 'normal' masks and add a note in the 'Delivery Instructions' section upon checkout of your chosen fabric.

Or if you need a fabric colour (other than black) to suit your organisation or singing group, please get in touch to discuss options.


Only wash your mask when necessary to prolong it's use.

Washing – Washing by hand will extend the life of the mask and bleach products should be avoided. Wash with an unscented gentle detergent at the highest temperature acceptable for the fabrics and materials used in the mask is the best choice. Thoroughly rinse the mask after washing. Avoid excessive rubbing and pulling of the mask while washing.

Drying – The materials used in the singer’s mask does not allow for machine drying, as drying contributes to faster wear and tear of masks. Hang to dry. Masks should be dried completely and stored in a dry environment since damp masks can become breeding grounds for mould and

Disinfecting – Avoid the use of sprays to “disinfect” or “renew” the mask (e.g., sprays containing bleach or alcohol). While some may pose an inhalation risk, others may be ineffective and provide a false sense of security. 

Ironing – Carefully iron the mask with the iron set to 'low' or 'cool'. It is best to iron the mask on the inside. Avoid staying in one spot with your iron for too long as this can cause the filter to melt. Rather glide the iron carefully over the fabric a few times.

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